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Hazler Design House
Many Creative Services Under One Roof

Web Design

Graphic Design


Web Design

Hazler Design House handles all aspects of web design:

from the Creative:

  • coding
  • writing
  • photography
  • graphic design

to the Complicated:

  • domain registry
  • webhosting setup
  • email setup and sync
  • database management

For complete customization, we can code your site from scratch, or if you have a WordPress | Squarespace | Wix domain we can take your theme from template to terrific.

Graphic Design

Hazler Design House can create any graphic design item:


  • logos
  • website icons
  • website photography
  • photoshop composites

Or in the World:

  • banners | posters | signs
  • business cards
  • advertising creation
  • specialty items

Whether you need graphics for the web or for print, HDH can design your imagery plus coordinate its printing /publishing.

Small Business

Your image influences public perception before your work does.

All the energy you pour into building your business can go unnoticed when you're dressed in amateur design materials. Let Hazler Design House help shape your public image.

We’ll discover what makes you unique then put it out front for all to see.


It's tempting —and cheaper— to think anybody can write

but even professional advertising and promotional copy is riddled with errors and redundancies. Let the English professors at Hazler Design House dress your designs in fitting descriptions.

We've penned scripts for TV commercials, short films, and training videos, in addition to articles for a magazine and a website. Mike Hasler is also a recording artist, writing hundreds of songs and even a novel.

A cost-conscious employer might get someone on staff to write copy, but utilizing the undervalued skill of professional wordsmithing will improve communication with your customers.


At Hazler Design House your image is important to us.

A promotional video for your product or service is a fast way to show clients what you're about, and HDH can complete each step of the process.

When your new video is ready, we can show it to the world on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and your website!

People will judge your appearance, so why not score high!


Boost brand recognition with a social media ad campaign

You need to be where everyone can see! Hazler Design House can conceive, create, and execute professional ad campaigns then run them on the most popular social media platforms.

We've created campaigns for clients ranging from rock bands to post-secondary institutions. Post campaign, we compile the analytics and provide a report documenting impressions, clicks, and people reached!

After we find the right direction for your campaign, all you have to do is sit back and count the clicks.

Additional Services

Hazler Design House offers these helpful services:


Sometimes your materials need rethinking from the shoes up, but sometimes they just need a facelift. Let us update the outdated and breathe new life into your visuals with some much-needed redesign!

Photo Restoration

Are your cherished photos becoming unrecognizable through all the creases, lines, scrapes and fades? The Image Editing wizards at HDH can resurrect your memories with crystal clarity.


Does your living space need more space? There’s an easy way to make room: move your media and miscellaneous paper items from a shelf to a computer!

If you live in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, we'll visit your home or office to digitize the things that don't need to crowd you out anymore.

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Photos
  • Forms
  • Files
  • Receipts
  • Recipes
  • Statements
photo of physical media clutter

What does YOUR business need? Let us know. Below.



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